Home Automation

Everything can be controlled using one app. It can be controlled from anywhere in the world so no matter if your sunning yourself on a beach or away on business your always in control.

  • Smart Lighting 

        The lighting can be set to come on and off with timings and lux levels as well as dimming.

  • Smart Heating

        The heating can track your phone so it can workout to get your heating to the right temperature for when you arrive home. 

  • Smart Security

        It notifies and records you when people are at you door or on your  property.

  • Smart Power

       It will monitor your usage and you are able to switch sockets on or off. Forgotten to turn of the hair straighteners no problem by pressing a button on your app the hair straighteners are off.    

  • Smart Kitchen

       You can with the right appliances have it so it will make a coffee for you on arrival home or boil your kettle.